Job Recruitment isn't an art or a science...


It's no longer what you know, it's who you know.

 In today's job market, companies receive an overwhelming number of applications from college graduates, changing a college degree from a differentiator to a common characteristic.

The differentiators in this current landscape are your professional network and the relationships you build, along with your ability to effectively showcase both your personality and technical expertise.

Going to college doesn't guarantee a great job.


~70% of graduates do not get a job in their desired field


It is 2.5x harder to get into Goldman Sachs than Harvard

What's the problem...

Securing a job requires skills that colleges DO NOT teach!

That is where we come in.

Landing an internship, club placement, or full-time job is a different game than it used to be, and we are the first group to open up the gates and invite you in.

Through videos, guides, and templates, we walk you through each part of the game, from the first bullet point on your resume until you sign your full time offer and beyond.

Building a Resume

Using LinkedIn

Drafting Emails

Fruitful Networking

This is how you differentiate yourself from the crowd, and...

It works.

450+ members have gone on to place at the world's top firms, including:

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